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2023-03-13 to 2023-03-19 ( Fitbit Visualizations )

heart rate time series

heart rate variability during sleep time

UPDATE 26-12-2022: I replaced the ‘heart_rate_variability_sleep_time()’ with the ‘fitbit_data_type_by_date()’ function. The user can set the ‘type’ parameter to ‘hrv’ and use the ‘fitbit_data_type_by_date()’ function instead. The latter function includes the new fitbit data types ‘spo2’ (Blood Oxygen Saturation), ‘hrv’ (Heart Rate Variability), ‘br’ (Breathing Rate), ‘temp’ (Temperature) and ‘cardioscore’ (Cardio Fitness Score or VO2 Max).

sleep time series

GPS data of outdoor activities

For the time interval from ‘2023-03-13’ to ‘2023-03-19’ the ‘log-id’ does not exist! Therefore both the ‘Leaflet’ and the ‘3-dimensional Rayshader Map’ won’t be visualized!